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About Ralph Nerette

“I am and always have been in the people business, I just happen to do real estate.” — Ralph Nerette, Real Estate Agent

Ralph’s friends, family, and colleagues describe him as a driven and hardworking person, committed and dedicated to pursuing whatever he sets his mind on. His optimistic attitude combined with his willingness to exceed people’s and his own expectations has helped him succeed at various stages in life.
The personal and professional values ingrained in him is due to the time he spent in the United States Marine Corps that taught him several valuable and practical skills, including the art of maintaining discipline in diverse situations.
Regardless of the complexity of the situation, Ralph always finds a solution to resolve it. His experience in the Marine Corps has helped him maintain his composure when handling impossible situations with firmness and persistence.
His unwavering attitude during life’s most difficult circumstances shaped his professional foundation, playing an instrumental role in his successful, 25 years long career in sales. That was detrimental in his previous role, as the General Manager of a Lexus dealership.
Since he can speak five different languages — English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Creole — he felt right at home handling a high-profile, diverse, and international customer base.
Presently, he works as a real estate professional and is the Director of Operations for Pini Real Estate. Ralph’s success in the real estate industry is based on his natural born ability to lead and take ownership, excellent communication skills, and keen instinct that are key in achieving his goal to offer both the seller and the buyer a memorable and unforgettable experience.
Ralph firmly believes that “TIME is the Ultimate Luxury.” Therefore, your time is his number one priority. His professionalism and attention to details will afford you the luxury to do with your time whatever you see fit.
With every client he works with, he aims to establish a relationship built on excellence, trust, and honesty. If you ask Ralph what is his secret to developing and maintaining a successful relationship with his client, he will tell you that the formula to guarantee an efficient and seamless transaction is to create a win-win situation for both parties.
In short, he believes that the most important aspect of building any relationship is to create and maintain an open line of communication throughout and after the transaction. For Ralph, his work does not end once a transaction has been completed. Instead, as a people person, he is in for the long-term, which is why in his free time, he involves himself in various projects, such as the Wounded Warrior Project. He is also a member of the local Business Association and other community projects.

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